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The Campania Region presents the First Exhibition of the Intangible Heritage of Campania, organized in collaboration with Scabec, to be held from 1 to 3 December at NEXT (Nuova Esposizione Ex Tabacchificio) in Capaccio Paestum.

Three days to get to know, through exhibitions, debates, meetings and workshops, Campania’s intangible cultural heritage, with its traditional practices linked to knowledge (artistic and handicraft production), celebrations (rites and festivals), expressions (music, expressive media, artistic performances) and agri-food culture (rural, gastronomic and oenological practices) that make Campania unique.

Representatives of regional and local institutions, university professors and other experts, as well as the communities of intangible heritage and the school world will also participate.

There will also be shows and workshops on Campania’s most famous traditions, including the traditional art of the Neapolitan pizzaiuolo and the Mediterranean diet, both of which are on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List.

On the occasion of the Exhibition, on Friday 1st December, the Catalogue of the Intangible Heritage of Campania which brings together 98 traditional practices included in the Inventory of the Intangible Heritage of Campania (IPIC) will be presented.

The exhibition is promoted by the Region of Campania in application of article 28 of the Regional Law of 29 December 2022, n. 18 (“Provisions for the preparation of the financial forecast for the three-year period 2023-2025 of the Region of Campania – Regional Stability Law 2023”) and organized by Scabec, in collaboration with the Province of Salerno, the Municipality of Capaccio Paestum and the Association of Municipalities of Paestum Alto Cilento.

The major exhibition partner is campania>artecard the Campania Regional Pass, managed by Scabec S.p.A., which allows visitors to visit over 80 museums and cultural sites in Campania, and the project Canta, Suona e Cammina, the educational part of the “Progetto Musica nei Luoghi Sacri”. Canta, Suona e Cammina” which is the result of an agreement between the Archiepiscopal Curia of Naples and the Campania Region, aimed at promoting music among young people and thus creating an opportunity for cultural and social growth (Project 2022-2023, DGR 566/2021 Progetto Musica nei Luoghi Sacri. Singing, playing and walking)